The office forms are used as a method to improve communication between the doctor and the patient. Patient trust with respect to the information gathered on these forms and while a patient in this office is essential to the doctor/patient relationship. My office is committed to protecting the privacy of your health care or personal information. No health care or personal information will be released in any fashion without your written authorization. All health care and personal information will be reviewed with you to verify the accuracy of the information and this will be done by a trained staff member in the comfort and privacy of a "closed door" patient consultation room.

The forms found within this section of our website are required documents for patients of our office and have been made available for online completion to speed up wait times in our office. The information provided helps us understand your overall health, medical history and past treatments. We ask that you please complete the necessary forms and bring them with you when you visit our office.

A Positive Dental Treatment Outcome is Based on a Positive Doctor to Patient Relationship.