Dr Kieth Manning

Prosthodontist serving Edmonton and Red Deer.

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Prosthodontist Dr. Manning and his team of registered dental assistants are proud to offer their Edmonton & Area patients the dental treatments necessary to give them their smiles back! Learn more about patient treatment or contact us today to inquire about preserving or replacing your natural teeth.

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Dr Manning is a specialist in major reconstructive work including implants, crowns, dentures and bridges.

One-on-one Service

At our office, we offer our patients one-on-one customer service. Our vision is to offer a personal, patient-centred consultation. Effective communication about treatment recommendations creates trust with our patients. We promise to do our best and to apply all the skills and knowledge acquired to serve our patients.

Ask us about preserving or replacing your natural teeth.

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Replacing Missing Teeth

Considering dentures? Are you in need of reline/repairs? Have you lost teeth to accident or disease? Let us help restore your smile.

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Your Smile

Your teeth are one component in your face. When we discuss facial esthetics, your teeth are just one component that makes up your smile.

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What is a Prosthodontist?

Enjoy our light hearted video explaining this type of dental specialist.

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Denture Innovations

In this office, we use a variety of techniques to provide results for our patients.

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A Positive Dental Treatment Outcome is Based on a Positive Doctor to Patient Relationship.